Advanced Relationship Coach Training – the world’s most comprehensive training for Relationship Coaches.

Tap into the $14 Billion relationship industry while transforming lives, marriages, and families. In this advanced training you will develop a coaching specialization in improving relationships and communications – not just for romantic couples but also for family, friend, and work relationships.

Relationship coaches enjoy some unique advantages. They can “plug in” to a vast network of relationship, family, and marriage-oriented organizations that love to refer to qualified relationship professionals. There are relationship clients everywhere.

This certification training includes everything you need to become an expertly-trained, successful relationship coach. Training includes:

  • A 12 Module Dedicated Relationship Coach Training, focusing on the situation-specific strategies you need to help your clients in every relationship situation. Features demonstrations of real relationship coaching sessions so you can study firsthand how it’s done.
  • 6 Months of Live Training.  Even though the certification can be completed in as little as 3 months, you get 6 months of unparalleled personalized training and support. Four monthly Mentorship calls mean you can ask any question about the training, your client work, or about building your practice and get one-on-one response from master teachers. Four monthly Coaching Practice Labs pair you effortlessly with another student to practice coaching strategies.
  • Relationship Workshop Training Sessions. Magali and Mark teach a special session featuring cutting edge new strategies and thinking on the topic of improving relationships.
  • A Proven Relationship Coach Marketing Plan specifically developed for you. Short cut the “marketing learning curve” and utilize our made-for-you system for marketing your coaching services.
  • Passion Patterns Presenters License – Graduates may use the Passion Patterns Relationship Education system to create your relationship education business. All the materials you need to train groups on their relationships are included in this package. A two year license to use this system is included in Advanced Relationship Coach Training.
  • Certification as an Advanced Relationship Coach, one of the best-trained relationship coaches in the world.

You can take Advanced Relationship Coach Training from anyplace in the world, on any internet device, on your own schedule. The unique combination of multimedia training and personalized support from master-level teachers is not paralleled by any other coaching program.

Learn more about Relationship Coach Training by speaking with an SI clarity coach.

Modality: Online and phone-based
Training length: Certification may be completed in 3 months. 6 months of live training support is included.
Certification: Certificate as an Advanced Relationship Coach