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Today was the most valuable, heartfelt teleclass that I have been on in the last year that I’ve been joining the calls. Mark was phenomenal. He gave the caller everything the caller needed as he helped him discover and recognize the good man that he is, as well as find a solution to his dilemma.
I was very touched. Mark is who I want to be as a coach.
This call exhibited the steps that are needed to guide a client to get to the heart of their challenge and how it is possible to have a breakthrough.


Seriously, Magali is a genius coach!!!! I love how she reframed the challenging mornings the single mom was having with her daughter!! My heart just melts and heals every time I hear her teach coaching strategies and/or give directives. I feel so blessed to have Mark and Magali as teachers. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


Wanted to share my excitement over the incredible workshop Mark and Magali Peysha conducted today.  A workshop open to all filled with incredible, easy to use tools, language patterns and strategies for wholesome relationships.

I guarantee this will raise your level of play in being in relationship
Mark and Magali started off exploring Love Tests, i.e. If he/she loves me then you will act this way…  If you love me, you will love me for…
Then introduced and gave examples of Stem Statements, discovering the Rules and the Tests for being loved and expressing love, building trust, making commitments, playing with our masculine/feminine polarity both within ourselves and with our partners, so much content generating so many more thoughts and possibilities for building solid, expansive, intimate and passionate, sustainable relationships.
Had I known then what I know now would have saved a lot of money, hurt, confusion, and loss.  I am confident you will have similar feelings after listening to Passion Patterns.

~Unlimited blessings, William

Mark and Magali,

I just wanted to drop you both a quick note to thank you for everything you are doing. To put things into perspective, in March 2011 after 22 months of marriage, countless fights about nothing, unexplainable behavior and anger, I found out my wife was diagnosed with severe combined type ADHD by her family doctor. She was then diagnosed with coexisting disorders of borderline personality disorder (high functioning) and narcissistic personality disorder by three different psychologists. In three years, we’ve seen no less then 6 different “World renowned” experts in ADHD, several psychiatrists, and we’ve been through 4 or 5 different psychologists. We’ve both been placed on medication; she for her ADHD and me to manage “my anger” and responses to her behavior. I took a 12 week course through the National Association of Mental Health on how to cope with mental illness in loved ones. I’ve read countless books on ADHD, BPD, NPD, mental illness, communication, anger, listening and communication skills, validation skills, setting boundaries and biological denial. Nothing and I mean NOTHING gave US any relief. For five months this year, I moved from place to place (5 times) and was at the end of my rope. I had nothing left….divorce was immanent. The separation seemed to be making things even worse between us!!! That’s where you two come in. I CAN NOT tell you both what an IMMEDIATE difference you made in our marriage after just ONE PHONE CALL!!!!!! I’m so excited to learn more and practice, practice, practice the strategies you teach. You are literally saving my marriage and I can’t thank you enough!!!!!


Hi Magali, OMG!!!!! I don’t even know where to start with the changes I’m starting to see in myself and my wife. Since speaking with you and Mark, I’ve made the adjustments we talked about and I’ve been LIGHTING my wife up like I did when we first starting dating. She’s still cautious because it almost seems to good to be true but I’ve been able to stop her in her tracks and bring the biggest smiles to her face when she’s least expecting it!!!!


Hi Magali and Mark!

We are excited and happy to report that we’ve been doing really well for the last month. We’ve scheduled another session with you both so we can build on what’s working right now. 

Mark, the biggest challenges I was experiencing when you and I did our individual coaching are no longer such great concerns, as Karen and I have been able to speak about them and begin to resolve them with understanding and trust.

Thanks again for all you have both done to help us navigate our challenges with more love and trust. 

All the best, 


Thank you so much for the time and guidance that you and Magali are giving us in the coaching sessions. It’s making a significant positive difference in how I show Karen how deeply I love her.

Yes, I’ll work on that this week and get back with you. AND… I don’t know what Magali may have done with Karen on their call last week, but holy cow, ever since then she’s been showing up with an loving energy and presence that I haven’t seen in years. I’m amazed, and very encouraged and happy about it to say the least.

So thank you again so much to the both of you!


Hi Magali.
You are an awesome awesome AWESOME coach!! Thank you for your skill in how you coach me, you save me time in figuring myself out by leaps and bounds and I can’t thank you enough.
Also a quick update for you…  I can’t say what it was exactly that you said, but it gave me resolve. When I saw him the night after our session. I told him with love, with hurt and with caring, that he was no longer given permission to treat me the way he has been. I deserved the respect that I have given it to him… I was fine if he could not accept this. He took it well that night and agreed. My resolve is strong and I know he senses it.

Thank you for helping me Magali.


Thanks Magali!
I like your idea below. I can’t wait to get started. Just so you know… My husband has been more like himself in the past few days then I have ever seen him in years. We have laughed more and shared more fun and ideas and dreams just like “old times”. He is outwardly reminding himself of all my good traits and saying out loud every time he is grateful for the traits he sees in me. ie: buying food for homeless people, or putting his girls first, helping him around his home etc.. His change helps me to have more strength at night to rub his back and make him feel better when he is going through his rough times.


Hi Magali,
Thanks again for all your help. As soon as I hung up I put a daily appointment in my schedule to practice memory modification.
I also was able to already do the rose pedals last night. It was a big hit. And will certainly give us an easy memory to recall. Did you know that red rose pedals will leave color on the white sheets?  I didn’t!  We both laughed & agreed any color left after washing will just be a wonderful reminder.
So that’s one for this week. For the other two I am planning a bike ride and a yoga class. 2 things we have never done together.
I also just finished booking her a flight to come with me on my next business trip. Another thing we have never done. She was excited when I suggested it.
I feel very good knowing that I am taking some actions. Thank you for the guidance.

Have a wonderful day.


Had I known then what I know now would have saved a lot of money, hurt, confusion, and loss.  I am confident you will have similar feelings after listening to Passion Patterns.

Unlimited blessings, William

Awesome work and ideas worth talking about
and sharing…

You, are entitled to Miracles!

Unlimited blessings, William

Hi Magali and Mark,

Thank you for the tele class on Saturday! Finally, some practical tools to better relationships. Thanks for the block-offer lesson too. That was an eye-opener. I have always liked improv theatre and had noticed its acceptance model of everything coming at you. It is nice to see how to apply that in our everyday relationships.